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C'est Papier Unforgettable Weddings
Unforgettable Weddings will truly live up to its name with this following presentation. Featuring multi media, you will have the advantage of flexibility in design choices as well as pricing. The samples in this collection must be seen at your favorite stationery retailer to be fully appreciated. No photography can do justice to the incredible depth of our letterpress or the beauty and quality of our exclusive papers and the shimmer and shading they create.
Graphic layout, 24K Gold thermography and Gold “leaf”...
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Two color inks, White on Gray with Gray frosted borders...
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An unprecedented shape is laser cut out of frosted lucite...
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Exclusive Sterling Silver Metallic layer...
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Exclusive Twilight Stardust is featured...
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Gold foil embossing in three places...
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The invitations shown on this page are just a small representation of our product line. Please visit your nearest C'est Papier Authorized Dealer to view the entire collection.