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C'est Papier Magical Creations
In each catalog that we produce, our goal is to exceed the last catalog in every aspect. Because Magical Creations presents a windfall of unprecedented techniques, gorgeous new materials, incredible modern graphics and multi-media processes, it tops everything else that has been done to date. This catalog introduces printing on glitter papers, laser cut shapes in lucite, die cut ice, die cut “under glass” invitations, an array of our own exclusive Stardust and Moonbeam papers in gorgeous new colors and new techniques using high gloss raised initials and names. These are only some of the amazing things created for this book! Prices range from $500 to $2000 retail per 100 with great flexibility for you to customize the design and price.
White linen has been layered on silver glitter and D-sky blue ...
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Exclusive arctic stardust has been layered on iridescent glitter ...
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A personalized grape glitter strip has been angled ...
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A personalized black glitter strip has been angled ...
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Layers of white linen, G-tropical blue and G-palace purple ...
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This “ice” invitation features playful type layouts which are ...
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The invitations shown on this page are just a small representation of our product line. Please visit your nearest C’est Papier Authorized Dealer to view the entire collection.