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A handsome mosaic pattern is featured throughout this eye-catching ensemble. The front of the shimmer invitation features a creative type layout as well as staggered multi-colored name, while the back features the full pattern and staggered name. Both the front of the shimmer respond card and shimmer bus card have complementary looks to the invitation and also feature staggered multi-colored highlighted copy. The backs of both cards feature the full pattern and staggered titles to match the back of the invitation. The staggered multi-colored name from the invitation is shown on the front of the vertical shimmer informal. Flat printing is shown on the white linen envelope. An alternate pattern is available for this design.

Invitation Front: Bottom Right
Invitation Back: Center
Envelope: Top Right
Respond Card Front: Middle Left
Respond Card Back: Top Left
Bus Card Front: Bottom Middle
Bus Card Back: Bottom Left
Informal Foldover: Top Middle