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The front of the trifold shimmer invitation features an angled calligraphy name filled with a beautiful colorful pattern that is also shown on the shimmer informal. A photo is featured on the entire front of the right panel. When fully open, the inside of both panels have pockets featuring the full pattern. Inside of the shimmer trifold, the center features the invitation information with your pattern filled calligraphy name. A similar look has been given to shimmer respond and shimmer reception cards which both feature pattern filled titles. The white linen envelope is shown with a full pattern shimmer lining.

Invitation with Closed Left Panel: Top Right
Invitation with Closed Right Panel: Bottom Right
Invitation Open with Both Pockets: Angled Center
Envelope with Lining: Angled Top Left
Respond Card: Inside Right Panel Pocket
Reception Card: Inside Left Panel Pocket
Informal Foldover: Angled Bottom Left